In every industry, technology is making it easier to complete tasks in a shorter amount of time.

Bookkeepers are no exception to this, and today, they have a plethora of tools and technology at their fingertips. It’s thanks to all these technological improvements that there’s never been a sexier time to be a bookkeeper, says QuickBooks ProAdvisor® guru Elaine Orr.

Increasing efficiency with technology

“Everybody wants to build software and apps that makes their work easier,” says Orr, who heads her own Ottawa-based accounting firm,, which fully embraces the use of technology. “We’re always learning about all the tools that are out there, how to integrate them with each other, and how it can move businesses away from data entry and inefficiency.”

Technology has made our lives that much easier, and clients no longer have to gather all their paperwork and drive over to our office, says Orr. By utilizing various tools and apps, Orr’s company has no need for a formal office and all the paperwork they receive is scanned and sent electronically.

Setting clients up with various software and apps is part of Balancesheets’ services. It helps them build an accounting system that gives businesses the answers they’re looking for with the least amount of effort, says Orr. But, for this to succeed, a close relationship with the client is needed since it requires a collaborative effort and proper onboarding.

Here are some of the basic tools that Orr and her team utilize:

  • QuickBooks Online: The online version of QuickBooks that offers users the flexibility to organize their banking and accounting anywhere. It also syncs with various software, including Hubdoc, Receipt Bank, TSheets, Shopify and Practice Ignition.
  • Hubdoc: A software that allows users to store financial documents and export its data.
  • Receipt Bank: A software that extracts bills, receipts and invoice data from paperwork.

Easy client communication via social media

Orr takes it a step further by making herself available on social media, which she does because she likes to help people. She uses it to stay in touch with clients, giving them a number of ways to reach her, whether it’s by a Linkedin or Facebook message, Twitter Direct Message, text or email. To use these tools, you do need to be social, so make sure you’re up to using it regularly, says Orr. The biggest challenge is making sure messages don’t fall off her radar. Orr does a morning sweep of messages to double check that everything has been responded to.

Orr also uses social media to stay on top of her clients. For example, one of them recently posted about a new product launch that she hadn’t heard about. She promptly emailed the client and diverted what could have been a major bookkeeping headache down the road.

If you need any more convincing to embrace technology, Orr’s business record is a perfect example. During 2015, she only lost one client from her roster.

Bookkeepers can now work faster and smarter thanks to technology. Communicating with clients (and potential clients) is that much easier and quicker due to the growth of social media. Don’t delay in embracing all of these fantastic tools at your disposal!

Have additional tools, apps or social media insights that help make bookkeeping more efficient and effective for you? Let us know in the comments.

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