QBConnect-SquareCan you imagine taking an 8-hour flight to meet someone who lives on your street? That happened to me last year at Intuit’s® QBConnect convention in San Jose. I was at a session about accountants who had seen major increases in their business as a result of embracing online technology. One of the featured accountants was Andrew Wall, CPA, CMA. He seemed like a great guy. When they said he comes from Toronto, I set out to meet him.

Long story short, it turned out that he lives just down the street from me. We had never met before, and now we do business together!

In my normal work, I don’t meet many other accountants. Intuit Toronto events have been great for getting to know people who share my interest in technology and work with the same kind of clients I do. However, for QBConnect, Intuit pulls out all the stops, as shown by my experience this past year. There were rows of technical people on the exhibit floor to help you understand the software better, or to help you with specific client challenges. There were experts helping accounting firms grow and thrive. There were sessions on every topic, some led by Intuit staff, but many others led by other accounting practitioners just like me. There were even sessions aimed at Canadian practitioners.

For me, the most powerful part of QBConnect was the chance to have frank conversations with the people who design and build the apps that make QuickBooks® Online so powerful. I only get so much from the typical sales webinar. Meeting one on one, there was more time to ask broader questions, get to know the people behind the software and get a better sense of the development roadmap. And, yes, sometimes you get a better sense of the person you’re thinking of working with over a beer than over a webinar.

Join me this year for QBConnect 2016 in San Jose. I’ll see you there! Register here.

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