ICBSeptember 12-16 is Global Bookkeeping Week! Organized by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), the week is meant to promote the importance of the bookkeeping profession. Learn more, including how you can get involved, by clicking here.

At Intuit®, we’re excited to be a part of this celebration. We’re taking this opportunity to shine a spotlight on bookkeepers from around the globe, and to let them share why they love what they do!

Happy Global Bookkeeping Week! Below are some quotes from bookkeeping experts who love what bookkeeping is all about:

Maha Attalla“I feel fortunate to love my career and what I do for a living. Helping people succeed and reach their goals is my passion.” – Maha Attalla, Out Of The Box Technology

John Birse“Running a business without up-to-date and accurate information is like driving a car with the windows painted black. I love how, as a bookkeeper, I can empower and inform business owners by showing them how to capture, record, process and analyze money coming in and going out of their business, so that they can reflect on business success.” – John Birse, Jim’s Bookkeeping

Erin Walsh Dyer“I love bookkeeping in this new age because automation has almost eliminated keystrokes. No longer are we ‘Just a Bookkeeper.’ We are elevated to coach, collaborator and trusted advisor to our clients. Hooray for cloud accounting and apps! We are liberated from the cubicle and helping our clients from almost anywhere!” – Erin Walsh Dyer, founder of The Bookkeeper’s Friend

Ingrid “Polymath’s vision is to make the world a better place built on a foundation of thriving small businesses. We love using our bookkeeping skills to help business owners answer their important questions and make educated business decisions. We are saving the world, one small business at a time.” – Ingrid Edstrom, Polymath, LLC

Pat Hartley“I love giving business owners the time to focus on their business. I also love educating the business owners on their ratios, and advising the how to make them better. Finally, I love it when everything balances! Give me a bank or credit card statement to reconcile, and watch me do a ‘happy dance’ when it balances!” – Pat Hartley, Accountingonthego.Com

Beverly“I am proud to be a bookkeeper because I am more than just a number cruncher – I am a problem solver! I love getting to review my clients day to day accounting transactions so that I can analyze the options, gather information and develop solutions to fix any potential issues before they arise.  Being part of the solution is a great feeling!” – Beverly Lang, Diversified Business Solutions

Diane “Our motto is ‘Simplify Business.’ This can be achieved in many ways – improved bookkeeping, training, streamlined processes. The end result is an efficient business providing the business owner with real time knowledge of what is going on in their business. We use QuickBooks Online and other cloud technology to free up time allowing for more value added work. Using the same approach with our clients is fundamental to achieving the simplified business.” – Diane Lucas, Direct Management

“I’m a bookkeeper because I love solving puzzles – making sense of chaos is my guilty pleasure. I love a good problem and seeing my clients’ faces light up with relief when a solution can be found.” – Jennifer Moore, Moore Details Bookkeeping

Laurie L ONeil“I love being a bookkeeper because I get to be someone’s hero. So many business owners struggle when it comes to managing their finances. Being a bookkeeper allows me to put their mind at ease by making sure their bills are paid, accounts are reconciled, help with their cash flow and making sure they are compliant in filing their taxes. I love making a positive impact in someone’s life.”  – Laurie L. O’Neil, Innovative Financial Services, LLC

Sherrell“I like the ability to play with new tech toys and introduce them to clients. These tech toys come in the form of SAAS software’s that help business owners create better processes and more efficiency within their business. Accounting plus technology equals profitability.” – Sherrell T Martin, Nitram Financial Solutions

Dawn Scranton“What I like most about my profession is the unexpected captive audience – whether that audience is a fully suited boardroom or a group of entrepreneurs or my colleagues – who are all eager to learn the principles of bookkeeping or to bravely embrace new technology.” – Dawn Scranton, White Castle Co.

Sharon“I love being a bookkeeper because it allows me the ability to help my clients increase their revenues and decrease their expenses. Something every business owner wants and needs.” – Sharon M. Vetsch, The QuickBooks Queen

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