Tax professionals are a special people. You are thorough, patient and caring, and also a reliable and trusted source of information and advice for your clients. But, we know that your experiences outside of work – your families, friends, hobbies and passions – have as much to do in shaping how you connect, interact and feel about your clients as the work you actually do for them.

This fall, the more than 700 employees who make up Intuit’s® Professional Tax Group set out on a mission to get to know our customers – tax professionals like yourself – on a deeper and more personal level. We wanted to better understand what challenges you and what inspires you, so that we can help you do the same for your clients. Through a series of events we called UNITE, we visited hundreds of our customers to see what it was like to walk in their shoes, and see where they live and work. It was an insightful, inspirational and emotional experience for everyone on our team, including our customers.

It’s one of the experiences that inspired me to create this blog as a place to rise Above the Forms and connect, engage and learn from one another. We’ll talk about the issues and opportunities we face collectively in the regulatory, technology and economy, sharing tips, timely updates and insights that impact tax pros and the work you do. In addition, we’ll also talk about our lives outside of the office so that we can continue to create stronger connections.


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