Showdown1For as long as the Intuit® Developer team has been doing developer hackathons and app contests, accountants have been asking to be more involved in these events.

Good news – here’s a call for where we need your help!

Have a Favorite App?

App ShowdownThe 0,000 Small Business App Showdown is underway with Online Voting,  Aug 16-31. These new apps need your votes and your expert reviews: the number of votes and number of 4-5 Star Reviews on account for 20% of each app’s final score (10% each). That’s enough to make a difference.  Please visit the site and vote – and encourage your clients to vote, too!

The top 10 showdown finalists will be featured at QuickBooks® Connect and will compete for a grand prize of 0,000! Don’t miss the App Showdown pitch event on Monday night, Oct 24, during the welcome reception.

Help select the finalists and support your favorite apps by voting daily through Aug. 31, and remember to check out to learn more about the more than 400 apps that work with QuickBooks Online.

Vote for your favorite apps now.

Want to be a Judge at the QuickBooks Connect Hackathon?

If you will be at QuickBooks Connect on Sunday, Oct. 23 and would be interested in acting as a judge for our Small Business Tech Hackathon, leave a comment below letting us know why you would be a great judge for new innovations to help small businesses and nonprofits succeed. I’ll be reaching out to some of you as we fill our team of judges for the hackathon.

See you at QuickBooks Connect!

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