Running your own business is a lot like being a lead singer in a band. As the front-man/woman, your job is to connect with your audience and sing your heart out. And while he or she may absorb most of the spotlight, the truth is that any band is a team effort. There’s a reason why you’ve never heard of “The Beatle” or “The Rolling Stone.” And just like bands, lots of successful businesses aren’t solo acts. Each member of your team plays a key role in making your business a hit, whether it’s Dave on accounting, Jill on marketing strategy or Rose in sales. So, when you get the band together, you want the best people you can get.

As a musician and business owner, Lon Cohen Studio Rentals owner Lon Cohen likely knows this better than anyone. As he explains, emphasizing the importance of integrity in his hiring process is what enabled his business to thrive for over 30 years. For Lon, serving countless artists with great gear throughout the Los Angeles area takes a lot more than musical passion or technical knowledge. Above all else, he values his employees’ personal characters and integrity, each of which helps propel his business towards success.

As Lon goes to show, a business is only as good as the people who comprise it. You can have an awesome new product or provide a service better than anyone else, but you won’t get very far if your employees don’t work as a dedicated and respectful team. Create a well-crafted job posting that articulates your core values, and interview candidates with those same values in mind. But before you expand your team, make sure you’re comfortable with delegating duties and can handle the additional payroll challenges. Additionally, you need to be in compliance with your city and state as you on-board new hires. If you are as thorough and meticulous about managing your team as you were hiring them, your business will rock and roll for a very long time.

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