With Trial Balance, you can save hours of time when reviewing your year-end QuickBooks® Online clients by performing and saving all your work directly in QuickBooks Online Accountant. There’s no need to re-enter your data into a tax application.

Take a moment to review several key updates and improvements made to Trial Balance in QuickBooks Online Accountant late last year:

  1. Tax Year 2015 Mappings – You can now access Tax Year 2014 and Tax Year 2015 returns from Trial Balance – and auto-populate your Intuit® Tax Online return for either year.
  2. Export to Excel – The work performed in Trial Balance can now be exported to an XLSX or CSV file for further analysis, for future reference or to upload to the tax software of your choice.
  3. Update Balances – Trial Balance locks your Unadjusted Balances and alerts you if changes are made to QuickBooks balances in the Other Transactions column. Now, you have the option to update the Unadjusted Balances with those changes. Any notes and attachments you added previously will be preserved.
  4. Complete and Close – You can now lock all the work you have done in Trial Balance so that no one else can modify the Trial Balance engagement.

As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor® Program member, you can file five 1040s and two business returns for free through Intuit® Tax Online, and receive 30% off any additional purchase.

To learn more, visit our Trial Balance page.

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