Intuit ThriveWe’re eagerly counting down the days until accountants and bookkeepers gather for Intuit’s® upcoming Thrive conference. Last year, Jonathan Carter, principal at KATA Accounting Solutions, attended Thrive, and he shared with us what brings him back.


This is Carter’s top reason for coming back. Last year, he met bookkeepers that he continues to collaborate with today, in order to improve each other’s customer service. “You build those relationships and it just carries over. You start encountering those people in other places, and you feel more comfortable with them to ask questions, or for them to ask you questions,” says Carter.

While some accountants and bookkeepers may view each other as competitors, there’s enough business for everyone, says Carter. Since Thrive, his number one resource for business referrals is other accountants and bookkeepers. “The networking and teaming up with individuals has increased my billing and my bottom line. It’s been a terrific relationship,” says Carter. To him, meeting with others provides a great opportunity to bounce ideas off somebody, whether it’s about apps, taxes or value pricing.

To get the most out of Thrive, Carter suggests making time for the after-hours parties and other events, along with the seminars. “Attend everything you can,” says Carter, who adds that taking transit is better than driving. “It might be tiring, especially if you’re commuting in or out, but it’s well worth it.”

Mike Ford’s ProFile session

If you’re a tax preparer using Intuit’s ProFile tax software, Mike Ford’s upcoming Thrive session is one you won’t want to miss. Carter says he has attended a number of Ford’s training seminars and, every time, he has learned something new. “ProFile does a lot more than people realize,” says Carter, who adds that Ford’s sessions helped him set his software’s settings in a more efficient manner. One helpful tidbit Carter learned last year was on tax returns for aboriginals. In last year’s session, Ford went over the risks associated with aboriginal returns, which Carter found helpful.


For those who haven’t yet embraced Cloud accounting and technology, Thrive offers a great opportunity to hear about what’s out there from other users. “You can learn from other people’s software experiences, instead of putting yourself in a nightmare situation,” says Carter.

These technologies are important since they improve a client’s accounting experience, says Carter. With these technologies, clients will no longer need to worry as much about expenses and invoicing. “Clients start to notice a difference, not only in the amount of time they spend with the numbers, but in the quality of time they spend with their numbers,” says Carter. “It allows for a more in-depth examination of costs and to spot missed opportunities from revenue. All those value-added things are beyond the actual financial statements.”

Make sure you don’t miss Thrive this year. You can register here. We have a jam-packed schedule, featuring empowering thought leaders, stellar entertainment and abundant business growth opportunities. I’ll be there, so I hope to meet you in-person!

What are you looking forward to at Thrive?

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