Summer 2015 was great for QBO new improvements, introducing 3 mayor new features and improvements:

Multicurrency Support

This is a huge new feature! Check out the full article here. And, check out the video tutorial by clicking here, or selecting the image below.


New Bank Registers

This gets the interphase of the bank registers to match the rest of the QuickBooks® Online UI, plus adds some great new features, such as a RECONCILE button, the last reconciled date, the Online Banking Balance and filters to customize the full appearance! Check out Intuit’s® article here, and click here to watch my video tutorial, or select the video below.

Add an Image to Products

On the 08/27 Update, they added the ability to add a picture to each item, as well as a great new way to search and sort the item list! Check out the full article here, and watch my video tutorial by clicking here, or selecting the video below.

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