Intuit ConfIf you were told there was the option to work less hours, but somehow earn more money, would you take it? Sure, you might think it sounds too good to true, but two star accountants will tell you otherwise.

Rick Solomon, CEO of New York-based RAN ONE Americas and Founder of the Center for Enlightened Business, and Jeff Borschowa, valued ProAdvisor and Founder of Business Evolution Consulting and Dream Practice, have teamed up to bring you “Secrets to Earning More and Working Less,” a Calgary workshop catered to helping bookkeepers grow their business. The event will be held on March 31, 2016, from 8:30 am to 4 pm at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Centre.

Attendees will delve into how the power of technology can be harnessed to reduce your workload and contribute to the business’ growth. But, it doesn’t stop there. These gurus will share valuable insight into how to earn more dollars through stronger client relationships. Marketing, networking, sales and value pricing are all a part of this secret sauce.

Solomon knows the ins and outs of the accountant life since he started out as a CPA at a New York-based international firm. From there, he spread his wings and started a CPA business of his own, which grew into one of the fastest growing firms on Long Island. In his current role at RAN ONE Americas, his company assists businesses in improving the way they help clients with the help of software and additional resources.

While at the Center for Enlightened Business, Solomon strives to help professionals be successful through easy and no-stress tactics. He helps professionals reassess their personal limitations and provides them with a simple path towards a rewarding business that also offers personal fulfillment.

Meanwhile, Borschowa juggles many hats as an author, educator and writer, which have two common denominators – accounting and technology. Since the beginning of his career, Borschowa has advised accounting firms of all types and sizes on proper technology integration to improve efficiency and stimulate growth. He is the author of 8 Pillars for Exponential Business Growth: A Practical Guide to Building Your Bookkeeping.

Don’t miss out on this great discussion. Register at the Secrets to Earning More and Working Less website. We’ll see you there!

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