Have you recently moved to the exciting, new generation of QuickBooks® Online Accountant (QBOA Gen 3)? Here’s something to expect:

Your QBOA experience has been streamlined, so that your entire client portfolio is on one screen with the new and improved Client Dashboard. On your Client Dashboard, you can see important information and tasks, such as your client’s books, payroll and taxes.

As a Cloud ProAdvisor®, you are accustomed to having a free company file to manage your own firm’s books and payroll. Previously, this was called “My Company” and was located above your Client List. Don’t worry – with the move to Gen 3, you haven’t lost this great feature. After the update, your firm’s books have simply moved to one of two locations, depending on how those books were being used.

Location 1: ”My Company” is now “Your Books,” located in the left navigation bar. You can continue to use this file to maintain your firm’s books.

Location 2: ”My Company” has moved to the “Client List.” If this has occurred, it means that we were unsure if you were actually using the file to manage your own firm’s books or for another purpose, such as using it for a client. In order to protect the security of your information, we have treated this company as a client file. In this case, you will have a blank “Your Books.” We are working on a way to move the “My Company” to “Your Books,” if needed. We’re keeping track of accountants who need their “My Company” file migrated to “Your Books,” so please contact us. We can add your account to the list and contact you when this option is available.

We are continually improving QBOA, so stay tuned for more updates.

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