Intuit® just released a new version of our QuickBooks® GoPayment app for iOS and Android, with a refreshed design and new features to help you get paid faster.

If you’re an accountant on the go, you’ll never miss a sale again when a client wants to pay you with a credit card. All you need is the QuickBooks GoPayment app and your mobile device.

Get a QuickBooks Payments account

To accept credit cards, you’ll need a QuickBooks Payments account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one right from the app. Typically, you’ll be approved for an account in 5 or 10 minutes, although this may take longer based on your situation.

Intuit offers you a choice of pricing plans. If you only accept a few credit cards a month, the no-fee plan is probably your best choice. If you process a lot of credit card transactions, consider the subscription-based plan. All plans have no monthly minimums, no hidden fees and no set-up or cancellation fees.

It’s your choice:

  • No monthly fees with rates from 2.4%, or
  • .95 month with rates from 1.75%

Rates include these card types:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.



What’s new with the GoPayment app?

When you download the GoPayment app on your device, just tap the bright green icon to get started.



When you open the app, you start from the New Payment screen, where you can create an order from a custom amount or from your list of items.






Works with the latest card reader

When you’re approved for a QuickBooks Payment account, Intuit will ship you their latest green card reader. If you’re already a GoPayment customer, you may have the older, grey card reader. When you plug either reader into your device, GoPayment automatically detects whether you’re using the grey or the green reader.

The latest green card reader offers these improvements:

  • Sleek new form factor makes it easy to slip into your pocket when you’re on the go.
  • Longer, expandable jack plugs in easily, even on phones with thick cases.
  • Reduced swivel and rocking makes swiping smoother and more reliable.
  • Easily captures card data with a single swipe in either direction.

The first time you’re using the card reader, GoPayment automatically detects your device’s profile and helps you set it up.

When you swipe a card, if for some reason the reader can’t swipe a card correctly, you can enter the card info manually or take a picture with your device’s camera to scan the card info automatically.




To order the green reader, click here.

If you’re a QuickBooks Payments customer, here’s how to get your reader for free:

From the GoPayment mobile app: 
Tap Settings > Card Reader Type > Order it here.

From the Merchant Service Center:
 Choose Account > Mobile Payments, and then click Order Card Reader in the Quick Links section.


Change order details quickly

If you own a fast-moving business, it’s easy to quickly change order details on the fly. From the Order Detail page, you can:

      • Add a discount.
      • Turn off tax for individual items.
      • Add a memo to yourself (your customer won’t see this).







Add more items (with longer names)

Managing items in GoPayment is a breeze, whether you’re adding or editing an item, or making changes to multiple items at once. You can virtually add an unlimited number of items, compared to the previous limit of 99. Plus, items can have longer item names and descriptions.

Track sales with your Apple Watch

GoPayment now works with the Apple Watch to help you track sales and customers with a glance. Set a daily sales goal for your company and quickly compare how you’re doing right now. In this example, your daily sales goal is 0.00.

Want to review your daily or week-to-date sales? Or see how many customers you’ve sold to today? Another quick glance and you’re up-to-date.

You can even see what times of the day you make the most sales.

Why get QuickBooks Payments?

QuickBooks payments let you get paid anywhere, anytime. You can accept credit or debit cards on your mobile device with the GoPayment app, or process credit cards, debit cards or ACH bank transfers right in QuickBooks. Either way, you can sync transactions with QuickBooks, so you spend less time updating your books and more time running your business. You can easily send an invoice with a Pay Now link so customers can pay you instantly.

Historical data shows that small businesses that get paid online with QuickBooks Payments get paid twice as fast as those who don’t. So, why wait? To learn more about QuickBooks Payments, visit the QuickBooks Payments page.

Ready to go mobile? Just click below to get started.

Get the QuickBooks GoPayment app for iOS or Android.

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