QuickBooks® Desktop continues to be an important part of our Small Business Accounting offering, and we’re excited to add these great new features to the 2016 edition.

Batch Delete/Void Transactions: Lets you delete or void duplicate transactions and manual data entry errors.

Bill Tracker: Get an instant overview of bills; this dashboard lets you see outstanding bills, item receipts and purchase orders for all bills in one place (including group by vendor).

Bulk Remove from Sent and Print Form Queues: This is a top ask from QuickBooks Desktop users! Remove all your “Print Later” and “Email later” forms in a single step.

Report Filter – This year to last month: A new report filter that you and your clients will find useful.

Default Class for Item

Let us know what you think of the new features (or other “goodies” you find), and let us know what you’d sill like to see! We want you to love your QuickBooks – whichever QuickBooks you’re in!

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