In case you weren’t one of the 150+ people who contributed to this year’s #QBConnectOrBust social frenzy, we’ve put together a little highlight reel for you, recapping some of our favorite (and infamous) moments from our journey to San Jose .…

It all started on Saturday night – while most of Palm Springs was out trick-or-treating for Halloween, all 6 of us gathered to fuel up for the big day – and big week. Homemade dinner (courtesy of Chef/clutch player, Kevin Roberts-Roppa), possibly a few #unicornlibations, car decorating party and some pre-road-trip antics was just what the doctor ordered.

Enjoy our pics, tweets and more – click on each image to see it at its original social media site.

We were all thankful for the extra hour of sleep the next morning, but even so, our first stop (after picking up all the hitchhikers, and allowing Richard Roppa-Roberts to convince us that his luggage – not him – should be what we tie to the roof), was a caffeine recon at a local small business called Koffi.

After everyone got his or her pick-me-up of choice (thanks, Cathy Iconis & QBOChat for our mugs), we were officially off – trust us, we know the way to San Jose!

Along the way, Intuit Accountants & Shauna Maher were kind enough to keep us occupied by sending us challenges to complete while we made our way up the California coast.

We were beyond thrilled to have Accountants from all over the globe join the 6 of us to play “License Plate Bingo” – even Brad Smith joined in the action to help us out!

We made several more bio breaks, sustenance stops and java jaunts, and stayed busy with QB Connect MadLibs (where Jan Haugo came close to getting us an R rating), word searches and a version of Heads Up featuring QB Connect speakers.

By San Luis Obispo, we were all a bit punchy, but Brian Austin kept us forging ahead at a safe 75MPH, as Gail Perry played navigator & documentarian.

Meanwhile, the kids in the back seat (Kelly Bistriceanu & yours truly) recorded homemade Dubsmash movies, which possibly entertained us more than anyone else.

As we made our final approach toward San Jose Convention Center, we were thrilled to be greeted by a handful of friendly faces that had cheered us on along the way. Laura Redmond will now always be our “5th Beatle.”

Our final stop at the Fairmont to drop everyone off turned into an impromptu welcome party, starring Team TSheets, Joe Woodard, Darren Root and a handful of others. Our mission was complete, as we made it to #QBConnect…and all lived to tweet about it!

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