In Focus: Get Ready for Tax Season

Desktop Security Tips for Tax Season 2014

In just a few short weeks, you’ll be far too busy to focus on security, so examine your systems and processes now before it’s too late! Dawn Brolin, CPA, a QuickBooks ProAdvisor who runs her own tax and accounting practice, offers invaluable guidance, tips, links and more in this informative and timely article. Don’t miss it! Learn More

Save Time Preparing Returns With Books-to-Tax

This feature in QuickBooks Online Accountant helps you go from books to a filed tax return, in less time and with more accuracy, by mapping data directly into Intuit Tax Online. Become a ProAdvisor to Read More

Benefits of the New QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program

Discover the new Program’s full integration with QuickBooks Online Accountant, Advanced Certification and other benefits for you and your practice Luis Sanchez Explains

The “New” Tax Office Isn’t an Office – It’s an Experience

Learn how to set up a virtual, client-centric practice. Intuit’s Joel Hodges, CPA, examines one accountant’s practice in this all-new case study. More Info

Your Business

The Real Truth Behind Starting a Business

Roses, puppies and rainbows; hanging out your shingle is easy, right? Wrong! Just ask Juliet Aurora and she’ll give you an earful in this practical, no-nonsense article. It’s a must read for anyone considering going out on their own. Learn More

QuickBooks Connect Q&A with Kathy Coffman

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Kathy Coffman reflects on QBConnect and how it helped her practice. Find out how you can be one of the first to know about the 2015 date, location and more. Get the Info

When Should You Fire a Tax Client?

Taking steps to ensure tax clients are a good fit can help you avoid the unpleasant task of ending the relationship later. QuickBooks ProAdvisor Stacy Kildal offers her unique perspective. More Info

Tips & Tricks

6 Common Mistakes Made by Tax Pros

Here are 6 common mistakes that crop up year after year, culled from the IRS’s recently released data on the top errors made by paid preparers. Learn More

Tough Leadership Lessons to Learn

Being a great leader isn’t something you learn in class; it’s a life-long process with highs and lows. QuickBooks ProAdvisor Rachel Fisch tells her story; how closely does it resonate with your own experience? Get More Info

5 Steps to a More Productive Day

With busy season here, it’s time to find ways to make your day more productive without sacrificing your own needs. Here’s how to do that. Start Your Day Right!

Cloud & Social

Join #QBOchat Thurdays at 3 pm ET

This weekly chat session on Twitter, hosted by QuickBooks ProAdvisor Cathy Iconis, brings together accountants and small businesses for fast-paced conversations about a set topic. Join #QBOChat

Erase Your Info From the Internet!

There are many reasons why you might need to remove content about yourself from the Internet; here are some steps you can take to minimize some of the traffic associated with a name or account. Become a ProAdvisor to Read More

Intuit Loves Accountants!

We’re more committed to accountants than ever, so it’s time to spread the love – and feel the love! Intuit’s Shauna Maher explains how you can get involved in our social media campaign this month. Check it Out


NEW! Ship Internationally Through QuickBooks with QB Shipping Manager

You and your clients can work directly in QuickBooks to process domestic and international shipments. New in QuickBooks 2015, use your UPS negotiated rates and FedEx discounted rates, print shipping labels and commercial invoices, schedule pickups, and track packages. Learn More

New Webinar: Using QuickBooks Apps for Reporting

In this interactive session, Hector Garcia, an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, will provide an overview of three apps that work with QuickBooks Online to provide performance reports, dashboards and forecasts. Fathom, Spotlight Reporting and Corelytics will be covered. Register Today

Extender Legislation Info for Tax Season 2014

Intuit’s Senior Tax Analyst, Mike D’Avolio, examines this year’s extender legislation. Don’t miss this informative article! More Info

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