Unless you live in the Bay Area, each person attending QuickBooks Connect will travel a distance to get to the show. There is a great anticipation to attend one of the biggest events that has come to hit the accounting conference circuit.

Share our Halloween goodies from the crew here for you!

The hype and the buzz leading up to the conference help create the sizzling atmosphere. Questions start months before the actual show: Who will be the band for the concert? Which A List Celebrity will be speaking? How many Celebrities will be in attendance? Which exciting tracks will be created this year? What new technology can I see? Who will have the best swag? What can I learn to help my business? How can I help my clients?

It’s only fitting to ask the same of the travels to the show. How will you be getting there? Did you have any excitement on your trip? What friends did you make on your trip? Who did you travel with? Who travelled the farthest? Do you have pictures?

The QBConnectOrBust crew helps add to the anticipation by encouraging participants to follow us on social media. We want to share our journey of friends and colleagues heading to the conference to create a common goal … let’s get there and let’s arrive in style. Share your story who knows maybe you will be on the next adventure of the #QBConnectOrBust road trip.

The day is Halloween, the crew likes to have fun, so let’s mix it up and have some fun. Share and be part of the journey not just to the conference but to share throughout the conference. The journey of the conference, the quest for knowledge and the thirst for friendship and community.

After all we are your #RoadCrew to the highly anticipated Conference of the year! #QBConnect.. Share your Journey, share your story and Ride Along on the adventure.

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