2016 ad campaign includes return to American football’s biggest game

TurboTax®, the nation’s
leading online tax preparation service from Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU),
today announced the launch of 7 new 30-second television spots and its
return to America’s biggest football game. At the heart of this year’s
campaign is a TurboTax experience that is so smart, relevant and highly
personalized that taxpayers who choose to do their own taxes can do so
with confidence.

“This year’s campaign is the next step in our multi-year journey to
reposition the TurboTax brand and to build meaningful, emotional
connections with consumers. For the first time, we’re addressing the
uncertainty and self-doubt many people have about doing their own taxes
by showing how TurboTax delivers an effortless, highly personalized and
playful experience so they can be confident their taxes are done right,”
said Greg Johnson, senior vice president of marketing for Intuit’s
Consumer Tax Group. “The ads bring new innovations to life,
demonstrating how TurboTax addresses consumers’ doubts and empowers them
to get every dollar they deserve.”

The campaign, titled “It doesn’t take a genius to do your taxes,” begins
New Year’s eve with a series of broadcast spots directed by Randy
Krallman. The ads feature some of the world’s greatest minds who are
brought in to show that TurboTax is so simple and intuitive that even
real-life geniuses can’t make it any easier to use or understand. The
resulting moments are amusingly awkward as the real geniuses—a
theoretical physicist, mathematician and computer scientist—discover
that they’re entirely redundant when it comes to helping people file
their taxes
with TurboTax.

The commercials debuting today are “S.
James Gates W2
,” “George
Smoot Simple Questions
,” “Michio
Kaku Absolutely Zero
” and “Franklin
Chang Diaz Simple Questions
.” Three additional broadcast spots will
begin airing in January. This year’s campaign also features two Spanish
language ads.

A national media strategy integrates high-impact sports, entertainment
and cultural moments throughout tax season—including a 30-second ad on
Sunday, February 7, marking the brand’s third consecutive appearance in
America’s biggest football game.

“We’re excited to bring TurboTax back to the Big Game, reaching millions
of consumers at a time when their taxes and their tax refund are top of
mind,” added Johnson.

The 2016 campaign is supported by radio, digital and social, and was
created in partnership with independent advertising agency
Wieden+Kennedy, based in Portland, Oregon and multicultural agency Grupo

About Intuit

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Source: Intuit Inc.

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