SpiritsEvery day, tens of thousands of QuickBooks ProAdvisors® work with hundreds of thousands of small business owners, supporting them as both accounting professionals and small business technology experts. Yet, these life-transforming stories remain largely untold.

Intuit® and Woodard Consulting want to change that – they have come together to give Spirits on Bourbon, a popular 24-hour bar in New Orleans, a complete tech makeover. Featured on Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue” in 2013, owners Steve Smith and Brad Bohannan saw their struggling business turn into one of the town’s biggest attractions, instantly.

Despite the bar’s soaring popularity, Bourbon Street having more than 50 bars makes competition stiff. In order to gain an edge over their competitors, Steve and Brad needed to find a way to spend less time on back office tasks, such as processing payroll, staff scheduling and managing inventory, and dedicate more time making sure their customers are well taken care of.

Intuit and Joe Woodard saw the opportunity to create the Tech Makeover, a 10-episode documentary series that shows one small business advisor’s efforts to transform the way Spirits on Bourbon operates through the right combination of technology consulting, management consulting and accounting support.

“Our vision at Woodard is to transform the way small businesses operate through small business advisors,” said Joe Woodard, CEO at Woodard Consulting. “Our Reality TV show is a series of 10 mini-episodes that documents the transformation of the bar’s technology under the leadership of a Woodard-trained QuickBooks ProAdvisor and the use of cutting edge tools.”

Joe Woodard enlisted Patricia Hendrix, a highly respected QuickBooks ProAdvisor from Atlanta, Ga., and the CEO of Ten Key Business Solutions, to consult with Spirits on Bourbon. Patricia assessed the company’s technology needs before recommending the industry’s best solutions to meet their needs: Intuit’s cutting edge technology package including QuickBooks Online, Intuit Payroll, Intuit Payment Network, QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel Systems and Apps.com.

Each Tech Makeover episode documents a significant milestone of the project, including initial analysis, selection of the software, implementation and team training/adoption.

“As a ProAdvisor, the idea of transforming small businesses by offering technology and hardware that make a difference and help them sleep at night is the most rewarding aspect of my job,” explained Patricia Hendrix. “I invite small businesses to check out the Tech Makeover. You will be blown away by what technology can do to help shave hours off back office tasks and transform their lives.”

The series’ sneak peek videos and first episode are now available here. Sign up using the form to the left and you’ll be notified every Monday when new episodes are released.

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