In an industry jam-packed with training for QuickBooks ProAdvisors® and other accounting professionals, why does Intuit® want you to attend Scaling New Heights? I’m glad you asked!

First, Intuit loves peer-led accountant training. Scaling New Heights is the only 100% Intuit-centric conference in the world that is not produced by Intuit; 100% of the event production and almost all of the training at Scaling New Heights is conducted by QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

Second, Intuit wants ProAdvisors to support multiple products in their small business lineup, and Scaling New Heights is the only national conference that offers training on all of Intuit’s small business solutions under a single roof: QuickBooks Desktop®, QuickBooks Online, QuickBase, QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop, QuickBooks Point of Sale Powered by Revel, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Advanced Inventory, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Advanced Reporting, Intuit Field Service and QuickBase.

Third, Intuit wants you to maintain a wide range of ProAdvisor certifications. Scaling New Heights is the only source of live, in-person certification exam preparation training for QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and QuickBooks Point of Sale.

Fourth, Intuit wants ProAdvisors to get certified on QB-integrated solutions. QuickBooks is not just an accounting product; it is also a platform with a wide range of solutions that allows you to add value to clients in specific industries in, for example, distribution, construction and not for profit, and strengthen QuickBooks for use with larger clients. Scaling New Heights offers certification training on numerous products that integrate with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.

I would like to add three reasons – ProAdvisor to ProAdvisor – why I am so passionate about Scaling New Heights and the ProAdvisor-focused training we offer each year at the conference, and why I want as many ProAdvisors as possible to attend each year.

  1. I am deeply burdened by the way many (not all … but many) ProAdvisors undervalue themselves and undervalue the critical role they play with their clients. So, we designed much of the training at Scaling New Heights around elevating both your practice and yourself as a professional.
  2. The accounting industry is experiencing a massive technological disruption that is a potential threat to ProAdvisors, and a potential opportunity for ProAdvisors. We designed the training at Scaling New Heights to guide ProAdvisors through these changes and to address specific ways ProAdvisors can leverage new technologies to advance their practices.
  3. Due to the nature of the work we do as ProAdvisors, we often experience professional isolation, and we are often not fully appreciated by our clients or even by our peers in the accounting profession. To address this issue, we designed Scaling New Heights around a strong, vibrant community of ProAdvisors, and we prioritize networking activities and interactive learning experiences so that you can establish meaningful and lasting relationships with other ProAdvisors. Simply put … Scaling New Heights is a place where every attendee automatically “gets” each other and where – for four days each year – 100% of our ProAdvisors attendees are automatically the “cool kids.”

That is the passion and that is the celebration we call “Scaling New Heights.”

Come join us and come join the community this June in New Orleans!

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