Council with exec #2Entering into our 13th year, “lucky 13” as some may say, Intuit® is actively seeking new future-ready, future-forward applicants to participate in our Accountant Council. The current council has open positions starting this June. You can apply here; click on “New Record” to get started. Applications are being accepted through April 29, 2016.

For those not familiar, the Accountant Council is a forum that solicits the voice of accountants and consultants on issues of strategy, product development, programs and services for Intuit’s Accountant Segment, part of the Small Business Group.

The objectives of the council are to:

  • Create a forum where Intuit proactively and intently listens to the voice of accounting professionals, in order to better understand their customers’ points of view on the issues and trends impacting small businesses and the accounting profession.
  • Collect input regarding the direction of Intuit’s strategy, product development, programs and services for accountants and their clients.

We’re looking for forward-thinking, future-ready accountants, bookkeepers, consultants and trusted advisors who use and/or recommend Intuit products and services, and represent a wide range of geographic locations across the United States, including size of firm, type of business (accounting, consulting, installation and setup, for example), professional designations, verticals and depth of product knowledge. These individuals should not only believe in the promise of cloud technology, but also the transition into a firm that practices value billing and actively engages in social media, in order to help market to their prospective clients. Members must be accountants, bookkeepers, advisors or business consultants in public practice. They may not participate on any competitors’ advisory forums.

What’s in it for you?

As a council member, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with Intuit senior-level executives and product managers about future strategy and product/service offerings. You also will have the opportunity to network and learn best practices from your council member colleagues from across the country. New council members will join a class of 8 that has just completed the first of their two-year term.

The Accountant Council meets at an Intuit location two times annually, and meets via conference calls (phone and/or web cast) two to four times a year.

Intuit will pay council members an honorarium of 0 per day for each onsite meeting, and will reimburse members for travel and meal costs for all meetings.

Don’t Take Our Word For It – Read What Accountant Council Alumni Members Are Saying:

“Applying for the Accountant Council was one of the best choices I have made for my business. Council gave me the motivation to become a Firm of the Future by giving me insights on how to transform my business model to work 100% remotely. The ideas and collaboration you receive from other members of council, as well as learning from Intuit employees, is priceless. You get a peek into a very well run organization, and I have translated some of the techniques they use to come up with, and test, new ideas into my own business. Intuit also really listens to what you have to say, as you share things you want and also what needs your clients have. I feel very honored and grateful to have been part of council for the last two years.” – Cindy Schroder, Bright Bookkeeping

“Simply put, my participation on Intuit’s Accountant Council turned out to be one of the most transformative experiences of my career. From the amazing connections and new friendships, to the opportunity to see my input used in the development of new products and services, I couldn’t be happier about having participated. The experience was like rocket fuel for my practice growth!” – Silvia Evans, Palm Beach Accounting and Financial Services, LLC

“My two years on the Accountants Council enriched my life personally and professionally. The Accountants Council provides an incredible platform to grow relationships with Intuit employees and fellow council members. Intuit employees strive to learn and value the feedback provided by council members. As a council member, you learn and appreciate how products are developed and help fine tune new products. Council members develop close personal relationships with other council members, whom are located throughout the country. The council provides the platform to gain tremendous knowledge from fellow council members on how their practices run and the products they use to be successful, and allows you to provide assistance to others as well. The friendships I developed over the past two years are strong, and are a great resource for advice or whenever you need anything. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Accountant Council. I miss it already.” – Pamela Bales, Bales & Associates

We Welcome Your Application

Intuit was founded on the principle of listening to customers, and Intuit Founder and Chairman Scott Cook shares his thoughts on why council is so important to Intuit.

Among the many ways we interact with customers about their needs, the Accountant Council helps us have a two-way dialogue with accountants, bookkeepers, consultants and advisors, who are strategic thinkers and effective implementers. Please consider joining this group to help us better serve you and your clients. 

Apply Here

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