Intuit® is currently seeking applicants to participate in the Accountant Council for open positions this summer.

The Accountant Council is a forum that solicits the voice of accountants and consultants on issues of strategy, product development, and programs and services for Intuit’s Accountant and Advisor Division.

The objectives of the Council are to:

  • Create an executive-level forum to solicit the voice of accountants, consultants and advisors, in order to proactively solicit these key customers’ points of view on an on-going basis.
  • Collect input regarding the direction of Intuit’s strategy, product development, programs and services for accountants/consultants and their clients.

We’re looking for accountants, consultants and advisors who use and/or recommend Intuit products and services, and represent a wide range of geographic locations across the United States, including size of firm, type of business (accounting, consulting, installation and setup, for example), professional designations and depth of product knowledge. Members must be accountants, advisors or business consultants in public practice. They may not participate on any competitors’ advisory forum.

What’s In It For You?

As a Council member, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with senior-level executives and product managers at Intuit about future strategy and product/service offerings, to learn from colleagues across the country, and, for your clients and prospective clients to demonstrate Intuit’s recognition of the value of your professional advice. You will join a class of 8 that already exists from a previous Accountant Council, forming a team of 16.

Council appointments are for a one-year term. Members who make a positive contribution to the Council’s work will generally be offered reappointment for one additional consecutive one-year term.

Because members are usually rotated off committees after serving 1 to 2-year terms, approximately one-half of the Council members will be re-appointed each year.

The Accountant Council meets at an Intuit location two times annually, and meets via conference calls (phone and/or web cast) two to four times a year.

Intuit will pay Council members an honorarium of 0 per day for each onsite meeting, and will reimburse members for travel and meal costs for all meetings.

What Former Accountant Council Members Are Saying:

  • Serving on the Intuit’s Accountants Council opened up so many doors for me, both personally and professionally. It opened my eyes to a whole peer group that I didn’t even know existed! And, on top of that, serving on Council gave me the opportunity to influence the technology that Intuit is developing to serve accountants everywhere – it doesn’t get any cooler than that! – Ali Maloy, Principal, Lone Tree Accounting
  • The knowledge you gain through Intuit’s Accountant Council will elevate your understanding of the industry as a whole, and you will be seen as an expert in your field after going through this experience. Intuit pulls back the curtain for you at Accountant Council, so that you can really understand how they operate, what drives them, how decisions are made and why it is impossible to make everyone happy when developing a product. My life hasn’t been the same since being a part of Accountant Council. They say you never leave Council once you are a part of it, but if I could change my name and apply again, I definitely would! – Cathy Iconis, CPA, CEO The Iconis Group
  • “The Accountant Council gave me the unbelievable opportunity to meet and have in- depth discussions with the individuals that are actively shaping our workflow and industry tools. You get a chance to see firsthand how much Intuit cares about accountants. I also benefitted from having the concentrated time to talk with other practitioners who are dealing with the same challenges I face every day. It was an overall extraordinary experience with some extraordinary people.” – Brittany S. Lanphier, CPA, Lanphier Accounting, LLC
  • Read the blog post from 2007-2009 Council member Dawn Brolin, as she reflects on her council tenure.

We Welcome Your Application

Intuit was founded on the principle of listening to customers, and Intuit Founder and Chairman Scott Cook shares his thoughts on why council is so important to Intuit. Among the many ways we interact with customers about their needs, the Accountant Council helps us have a two-way dialogue with accountants, consultants and advisors who are strategic thinkers and effective implementers. Please consider joining this group to help us better serve you and your clients.

Apply Here

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