Accountants Serving ClientsI find that most accounting professionals are generalists in their practices. They do not focus on a specific industry or have specific criteria to evaluate potential clients against. The theory becomes “any client is a good client.” If you struggle to find new clients, you may lean towards believing this mantra. However, once you learn how to generate new clients, you will see the true value in focus.

Personally, I prefer a more targeted approach to client acquisition because it gives me more predictable results. As a colleague of mine likes to say, “the riches are in the niches.”  Focus on a clearly defined niche if you want to build a loyal client base that you can add to at will.

Why Define My Ideal Client?

Defining your Ideal Client is the starting point for success in marketing and business. A clearly defined image of your ideal client allows you to:

  • Identify key pain points for your prospects
  • Build and demonstrate expertise
  • Focus your marketing efforts on a narrow segment
  • Easily generate targeted referrals from your personal network

How do I Define My Ideal Client?

Be specific when you define your ideal client.  Ask yourself:

  • What industry are they in?
  • Are they in a specific geographic area?
  • Do they have specialized training?
  • Are they defined by a professional association or trade association?
  • Does my ideal client sell products, services, or a combination?
  • Does my ideal client include bricks and mortar businesses or are they online?
  • What Social Media channels are they active in?

Practical Application of the Ideal Client Concept

I recommend that accounting professionals start niche building by looking at their current client base. Do you have a distinct segment or group that you would like to develop into a niche? If so, that is your starting point. If not, then you can start from scratch and build a completely new niche.

A specific niche will allow you to focus on developing specific expertise as you learn industry specific software.  You can use your newfound expertise and focus to build strong client relationships within your niche.

Targeted growth will allow you to build your practice deliberately and grow with purpose.

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