QBC AuroraAs accountants and business owners, we often get so consumed in our daily lives that we don’t have a chance to step back and view our businesses with an outside eye. More than anything, this is what attending QuickBooks® Connect in San Jose has done for me over the last two years.

Usually when you think of conferences taking place south of the border, Canadian accountants and bookkeepers don’t attend because we feel that there will not be enough Canada-focused content to make it worth the trip. With the added expense of paying in U.S. dollars, it can be an even more challenging decision as to whether the conference is worth the time and financial investment.

A few eye-catching things that helped me decide to go to QuickBooks Connect the last few years included great sessions on the features of QuickBooks Online (QBO), announcements of exciting new things that Intuit® is doing, and demos of third-party Apps that integrate with the program. There were even Canadian specific Training Sessions available last fall. All of these were just icing on the cake, so to speak.

My biggest takeaway from QuickBooks Connect was inspiration. After spending my week there, I was inspired! Inspired to learn more. Inspired to grow my business. Inspired to grow myself.

There are certainly not a lot of conferences that can do that for you, especially not in the Accounting field. Most of the conferences in our industry teach us about technical issues, new software, or update us on accounting or tax changes. Very few of them even try to touch us as business owners, let alone human beings. QuickBooks Connect did just that for me.

Intuit has created this wonderful event for the purpose of helping all of us — as people, as business owners and as colleagues in the Accounting community. If you want to attend the conference to update your knowledge on new things happening in the QuickBooks and QBO world, you can certainly do that. You can also attend to grow your network and speak to many of the Intuit staff and major vendor partners and the 3rd party app developers who are helping to grow the QuickBooks ecosystem.

But, you also have many other options. There are sessions to grow your business – from marketing and social media, to pricing and team development, to paying yourself first. Other workshops covered topics such as personal growth and how to become an influencer or a better leader.

At the most recent QuickBooks Connect I sat in on a session that got me thinking about how I needed to shift my mindset from being a business owner to a CEO. That conference was almost 5 months ago, but it still resonates with me and I could pretty much quote that session to you verbatim even now. I even wrote a blog post about the session, which you can read here.

And of course there was Oprah. Who could forget seeing Oprah in person? That is worth a blog post unto itself, which I actually wrote! You can read the impact Oprah had on me at QuickBooks Connect on my blog here.

If you’re sitting on the fence as to whether or not to go, take the leap, dive in with both feet and prepare to be inspired.

That was what QuickBooks Connect did for me. Register here. I’ll see you there!

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