Man greeting golden rising of the sunHave you ever wondered what makes some entrepreneurs so successful at everything they do, while others simply get by, no matter how hard they work? So did Gallup, and that’s why it spent years researching and conducting hundreds of interviews studying 2,500 entrepreneurs to determine what personal characteristics drive business success. Once they identified the top 10 talents, they found that the business owners who have them are three times more likely to build large businesses and grow them significantly. Here are the 10 talents they identified in rock star entrepreneurs.

1. They Keep Their Focus on Business

The highly successful entrepreneurs from the study base their decisions on the observed or anticipated profit of their companies. In other words, when making a decision, they think about how it will affect their business and whether or not it will lead to an increase in profits. They choose the option that is best for the business.

2. They Have Confidence in Themselves and Others

The business owners who achieve great success accurately know themselves, leading to a great confidence in themselves and their abilities. And they not only know themselves well, but they also have confidence in the people they deal with because they understand them, too.

3. They Think Creatively

The most successful entrepreneurs use creative thinking to take an existing product or idea and make it into something better. In addition, they use their creativity to solve other problems in the business.

4. They Know How to Delegate

Those who go on to great success realize that they can’t do everything themselves. When they become overloaded, they consider changing how things are done, delegating, and letting others take up the slack.

5. They Persevere

Determination is a character trait that highly successful entrepreneurs share. According to Gallup’s research, they persevere through difficulties, including when the odds seem insurmountable.

6. They Are Independent

Gallup discovered that successful entrepreneurs are independent and willing to do whatever it takes to build a successful company.

7. They Seek Out Knowledge

Highly successful business owners don’t rely solely on their own wits to reach their goals. They constantly seek out the information that will help them grow their business and make it a success.

8. They are Good Spokesmen for Their Business

Every business needs a spokesman to tout its benefits, and the entrepreneurs that see the biggest successes have a knack for promoting their own businesses.

9. They are Good at Relationships

Those who go on to do great things in business have a high social awareness and are able to build relationships that help the business grow and thrive. They build solid relationships with their customers, employees, vendors, and others.

10. They Take Risks

Successful entrepreneurs have an instinctive ability to manage high-risk situations. Risk taking is a hallmark of entrepreneurship, and doing it well oftentimes leads to success.

What’s Next?

Gallup’s researchers acknowledge that these talents don’t take into account the other factors business owners need, such as skills, knowledge and experience. But those who innately possess some or all of the 10 talents do seem to have a better chance at success. Luckily, Gallup says that every entrepreneur uses some mix of the 10 talents, not all of them. The key is to identify your dominant natural talents and then nurture them while working toward bettering your lesser abilities.

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