Fame, travel and a dynamic forum to share your opinions … these are just a couple of reasons why you should apply for one of the coveted spots on Intuit’s® first- ever Canadian Accountant Council; we only recruit once a year and recruitment is now open. Council will take place on February 19-20, 2015. We are now accepting applications.

Wondering what Intuit Accountant Council is and why you should apply? There really are so many reasons, but the one members think is most important is that they “get heard.” The Accountant Council provides our customers with an opportunity to have a deep and honest relationship with Intuit. Council members are asked to share their feedback and opinions on a wide range of Intuit products and services, many of which are not yet publically released. Members of Council are often the first accounting professionals to hear Intuit’s strategy and be briefed on products that are currently under development. We also treat you really well, feed you well and make you feel special.

Accountant Council is comprised of a small number of practicing accountants, bookkeepers and tax professionals who meet with Intuit twice a year at an Intuit campus location. For two immersive days, they hear from and interact with Intuit executives, senior leaders, product managers and engineers, as well as marketing and support staff. The agenda changes for each meeting, but is always packed with interactive sessions with the specific goal of learning from Council members on how to do things better. We even have a session where some of our current Council members present to us. Because we’ve learned that hearing you speak about the challenges you face in your workflow or why a certain product is your favorite, you provide us with valuable insights we can leverage as we develop and enhance our offerings.

So, what do we look for in Council members?

We look for people who embrace technology, and by that, we mean people who use the latest technology in their practice. You know who you are: you started using SaaS offerings before most people knew what that meant, and you are the person others go to for technology updates.

You also need to be willing and comfortable to share your opinions in a group setting because the room will contain 30+ people who are hanging on your every word.

We also need people to be actively using our products. You don’t have to be an Intuit-only shop, but we like you to be using at least a couple Intuit products and one of our bookkeeping or tax solutions.

We want members from all different size firms, but those with 1-12 members are the best fit.

We want people from all over the country, from both large cities and small towns, serving all types of different clients.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well … you don’t only have to listen to me, as you can also listen to what current and past members have said about their time on council.

So, if this sounds like something you would be interested in, please apply now by clicking here and clicking on “New Record.”

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