Wholesale Billing is an exciting feature, available for all QuickBooks® Online Accountant users, allowing you (the accountant) to take on the charges of your clients’ QBO subscriptions, so that the charges are consolidated into a single, monthly bill. It also lets you offer significant subscription discounts, 20% off for Easy Start companies and 50% off QBO Online Essentials or Plus levels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: How do I add a client to Wholesale Billing?

A: Scenarios:

1. Your client has an existing QB Online company file

Make sure your clients add you as an accountant user. They can add you through their Manage Users page. Once you have accepted the invite and are sitting in as an Accountant user, have your client log in to Transfer the Master Admin rights over to you. Lastly, accept this email invite and then go to your own Accountant Home page; then click Your Account and select the option for Add Clients to Wholesale.

2. Your client is new to QuickBooks Online

Through your main Clients list, click the Add a Client button at the top to see the options for setting up a fresh company. Make sure to select the option for My Firm Will Pay. This will set up the new file under your Wholesale Billing profile automatically.

Q: I’m having trouble adding my clients; what can I do?

A: We have a way to manually add in clients to Wholesale Billing for you if you are having difficulty adding your clients. Please contact our support at 1-855-253-1536 for assistance if you are the Master Admin and cannot see a particular client in your list of options to add.

IMPORTANT: if your client currently has a discount, adding them to Wholesale Billing will override the discount with the 50% offer.

Q: What will my bill look like?

A: Instead of having multiple invoices sent to your email with different charges on different dates, you will now have just the one charge for the total amount of the subscriptions. To view the individual parts of the bill, you can view it in the Billing Profile section of the “Your Account” page in your QBOA file.

Q: How do I take my clients off of wholesale billing?

A: Go to the Your Account page and select the company. You can choose to take off them off.

Note: If you were paying for your client individually prior to adding them to Wholesale Billing, make sure that after taking the client off, you go into that client’s company file to make sure that your credit card info was removed.

If you choose to have your client responsible for payment, clients are only eligible to receive the current discount offered on our website or offered to them by Sales. This is typically valid for only a year.

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