No one likes to file taxes, so taxpayers have an easy excuse to put off gathering the necessary documents. They either pull them together at the last minute or trickle them into their tax preparer, making it difficult to complete a tax return.

You spend time and money, and use a lot of paper sending out thick organizers to your tax clients, but only about 10 percent of those clients actually fill them out, according to Steve Wheelis, product manager for Intuit® Link.

“Traditional organizers don’t make sense to most taxpayers and they cost a lot to send out,” says Steve. “It’s expensive marketing without much return.”

He points to three main problems most taxpayers make when they are trying to pull all their tax documents together.

“They don’t know when to get started, they don’t know what’s needed and they don’t know when they’re done,” he says. “Without clarity, they put off getting their documents together. As a result, tax preparers don’t get the documents when they need them the most – at the beginning of the tax prep process.”

Technology, such as Intuit Link, is designed to make the process easier for taxpayers and you. It allows tax data to be gathered through a centralized online tool with bank-level security. Data can be sent back and forth between the accountant and the client easily, while real-time status updates allow everyone to know which documents were filed and which ones are still needed. In addition, customized questionnaires can be created and shared with clients and requests for documents can be provided based on the prior year’s tax return.

“We work to find ways to make things easier,” says Steve. “With Intuit Link, tax clients can collect and share their tax data with their accountants year-round from any device by uploading documents, snapping a picture or by providing credentials from their financial institutions.”

Intuit Link lets clients know when to start collecting the data, what is needed and when they are done collecting information. In addition, the ability to file documents throughout the year saves them the hassle of having to pull them all together at one time, giving you back time to connect with your clients on deeper level.

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