We want to inform you about a change we made to the way apps work in QuickBooks® Online Accountant. We have temporarily removed the “Apps” tab for accountant users when they are in their clients’ books – the tab is still available in the “Your Books” section of QBOA to add and access apps for your own books. We removed the tab because the experience was misleading, and led accountants to think that they were adding apps to their clients’ books when they were actually adding the apps to their own QBOA account.

What’s been removed:

A few things to note:

  • Removing this tab does not affect any existing app connections or disable your ability to add new apps to your clients’ books in the ways that you were before
  • The best practice for adding apps to your clients’ books is to sign in as a company admin user to their QuickBooks Online account directly
  • We understand apps are an important part of your workflow, and we are looking into how to make this work seamlessly in the future

In the meantime, you can access your apps from apps.com, or the “Apps” tab in “Your Books:” 

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