Tens of thousands of Bookkeepers from across the world are coming together to celebrate their profession and the vital work they do to support micro and small businesses.

Under the banner of “Global Bookkeeping Week,” a series of events will take place from Monday, September 21, to Friday September 25. 110 countries will take part. Some will hold special events, while others will hold ‘virtual’ meet-ups and webinars. The highlight event will be a Bookkeepers Global Coffee Meet-up on Wednesday, September 23, when hundreds of thousands of bookkeepers from across the globe are expected to get together for a coffee, or simply to take time out of their busy schedules to raise a cup to their profession. Make sure to tweet a photo of yourself raising a cup of coffee to your profession!

Intuit® is proud to support our bookkeepers. Bookkeepers are the backbone of any company and they work hand in hand with the business owner, their CPAs and tax accountants to ensure that the owner makes better decisions and thrive. For Global Bookkeepers Week, we plan on celebrating in all our major countries – the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and India. We are looking forward to participating in the Global Coffee Meetup at all our sites, and we are funding special local Meetups that our U.S. QuickBooks ProAdvisors® are holding.  In addition, Thursday’s popular QBOChat on Twitter with @CathyIconis will be all about bookkeepers; Intuit is giving away surprise Swag Packs throughout the event.

“Expect something phenomenal,” said Garry Carter, president and CEO of The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), which, for the past two years, has been running a very successful National Bookkeeping Week in the UK. “Bookkeepers are a fantastic global community. ICB has students and members in 110 countries, and we are delighted that this year, we are engaging with our members outside the UK, as well as others within the profession. So, here we are … the biggest virtual gathering of bookkeepers ever.”

All the leading bookkeeping and accounting software companies, including Sage, Intuit/QuickBooks® and MYOB, are supporting the ICB initiative to bring the message to as many bookkeepers as possible. “Accounting software is the essential tool for all bookkeepers, and I am delighted that all the major players are on board,” said Carter.

Henry Ong, CEO of ICB Philippines, says this event to recognize bookkeepers is a welcome addition to the bookkeepers’ calendar. “This is a fantastic opportunity for ICB students and members, and all bookkeepers, in the Philippines to be recognized for the hard work they all do and what they have achieved. But, the event also lets them take stock and realize that bookkeepers exist in all countries around the world, and that they are, therefore, a part of this very active global community. It is mind-boggling.”

Australia will start off the celebrations. “This is awesome,” said Matthew Addison, CEO of ICB Australia. “And, we are proud that the bookkeepers of Australia will lead this global celebration. The UK has done a good job for two years, but we Australians believe we can show the Brits a thing or two when it comes to celebrations.”

In the United States, arguably the home of entrepreneurial spirit, the celebrations will be headed up by the CEO of ICB USA, Jan Haugo, who is working with several strategic partners and accredited training providers to motivate the estimated more than one million bookkeepers to be part of the events that will mark the week in the States. “USA rocks,” says Jan, “and we always get into things big time. So, expect webinars, meet-ups and the social media to go viral. This event is going to take the world by storm, and the USA is proud to be a very important part of it all.”

Click here to find out what’s going on in your region.

There will be discussions with industry thought leaders, amazing prize draws and brand new educational content. So, look out for events to attend, virtually or in person, and get involved through social media, or simply letting the world know that there is a passionate global community of bookkeepers who support each other.


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