QuickBooks® Enterprise 15 now offers a bevy of new features, creating a simpler, more convenient and more effective way for customers to operate.

Here are nine of those new features:

  • Disallow Negative Quantity on Items: For the first time, you can disallow users to sell (invoice or sales receipt) items that have less quantity than the amount being sold. This is a very important feature!
  • Accompanying Negative Item Listing Report: With all the items that are currently on negative quantity on hand, this is great for catching inventory errors, eliminating mistakes that could escalate.
  • Shortage Report: This is a list of all items needed to build an assembly that falls short and is marked as pending. There is also an Inventory Shortage Detail Report, containing all pending builds and items required to be able to complete the assembly.
  • Report Filter Enhancements: This provides the ability to hide zero quantity on hand and only show full assemblies on Inventory reports.
  • Transaction Improvements: With this, you can get a subtotal on item quantities and custom fields, as well as sort by any column, print footer on last page only and alternate gray lines available when printing or having PDF transactions.
  • Cost Available on Sales Forms: This includes Sales orders, Invoices and Sales Receipts, previously only available on Estimates.
  • Hide Opening Balances on Items and Names: This is an option to disallow users from putting this information when creating new items, customers or vendors.
  • Disallow Selling to Overdue Customers: This is an optional feature to prohibit users from creating invoices for customers that have at least one unpaid invoice that is aging beyond due date.
  • Advanced Reporting: This is a fully customizable pivot-style advanced reporting within QuickBooks Enterprise.

To see all the features and get a better picture of how QuickBooks Enterprise 15 operates, click on the picture below, or watch this video.

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