3 ReasonsIt’s the event you’ve all been waiting for. QuickBooks® Connect is almost here! If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, there’s still time.

Are you on the fence about whether to attend? Tracy Lampron, owner of Lampron Bookkeeping Services, has attended the event for the last few years and she shared three reasons why she keeps coming back.

#1: Grow your business. Many bookkeepers and accountants are great at handling the books for their clients, but scaling up a business is a different challenge. “We’re busy satisfying the client and keeping everything up-to-date and learning about new technology that we don’t always put the time into our own business,” she says.

Tracy found that within her network, she didn’t know anyone who could help her business grow. After attending Quickbooks Connect, she learned about opportunities and actionable steps, such as using social media to market her business or creating a website, to help her expand her list of clientele.

#2: Numerous networking opportunities. Working as an accountant or bookkeeper can be an isolating experience, especially if you work from home or offer virtual services. QuickBooks Connect offers an opportunity to meet people who tackle similar challenges and make connections with those with similar experiences, said Tracy.

When she attended QuickBooks Connect for the first time, she only knew one person. Since then, her network has grown exponentially. She’s stayed in touch with dozens of people from the conference, which has opened many doors for her clients and business offerings.

“QuickBooks Connect gave me the opportunity to make connections with people that would help me do the things that I wasn’t good at, or an opportunity to collaborate with other people that were in the industry,” said Tracy. “If you are struggling with something, someone else probably has struggled with that as well. These connections were amazing to realize that there was so much support out there.”

#3: Learn about the latest technology. QuickBooks Connect offers access to numerous suppliers and app developers who can help you run a leaner and more efficient business. The conference offers opportunities to have chats with these folks, which comes in handy when you need personalized support, or you’re looking for additional details to make a decision. “Suppliers take you seriously as a business owner who made that investment to go out and meet with them,” said Tracy.

This also offers an opportunity to provide feedback on apps because developers are always looking to improve their technology. “You will get back that time from attending QuickBooks Connect because you’ll come back having learned new technology and learned from others on ways to improve your systems,” said Tracy.

Don’t miss this year’s amazing event. Sign-up today and get ready to grow your business, network with fellow accountants and bookkeepers, and learn about all of the latest apps and technology.

For those who attended QuickBooks Connect last year, what were some of the key things you learned?

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