It’s a new year for your business. It’s also a brand new time to get anxious about taxes, corporate filing fees and every other regulatory thing that enables the world of business to function. So, to avoid penalties, late fees and more, here’s a list of important dates as tax season approaches for 2016.

Before we proceed, however, be aware that some of these due dates are valid only for 2016, because the conventional due date falls on a weekend, federal or Washington D.C.-only holiday. This includes April 15.


Tuesday, Feb. 2

Does your business have employees? If so, you’ll be responsible for the following:

  • If you have employees who receive W-2, you must furnish them by this date. If your employees have agreed to receive their W-2 electronically, this election should be posted to your payroll site, and the employees should be notified by February 2.

You’ll also need to file your federal unemployment tax (FUTA) return by this date using Form 940.

Does your business have contractors?

  • Contractors must receive their Form 1099s by February 2.

Monday, Feb. 29

You should furnish your employees’ W-2s and your business’ W-3 to the Social Security Administration. NOTE: If you’re filing electronically, you have until March 31 to transmit them.

Copies of your contractors’ Form 1099s must be furnished to the IRS by this date. NOTE: If you’re filing electronically, you have until March 31 to transmit them.


Tuesday, Mar. 15

If you own a C-corporation or S-Corporation that uses the calendar year as its fiscal year, you are required to pay their taxes on this date, a whole month prior to the individual tax return date.

  • If you are a C-corporation, file Form 1120 (Income Tax Return) and pay any taxes owed. If you need more time, file Form 7004 for an automatic 6-month extension, and deposit the estimated taxes.
  • For S-Corporations, this is the date for file Form 1120S and pay the tax that is due. If you want to elect for S-Corporation status in 2016, you’ll need to file Form 2553 by this date. C-Corporations can also use Form 7004 to file for an automatic 6-month extension.

If your corporation operates on its own fiscal year, then the corporation’s tax filing is due on the 15th day of the third month after its fiscal year ends.

If your business is an Electing Large Partnership, then the partnership should provide a copy of Schedule K-1to all partners by March 15.

Thursday, Mar. 31

If you’re filing your employees’ W-2 and Form 1099 information electronically, you have until March 31 to do so.


Monday, April 18

This is the deadline for filing your 2015 taxes, not April 15, 2016. The date was moved to Monday, April 18, due to the celebration of Emancipation Day holiday in Washington D.C., which is being observed in 2016 on April 15.

  • This is the day to file your individual tax return. You’ll file Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ. If you pay quarterly taxes, your first payment for 2016 will be due on April 18.
  • Corporations must deposit their first estimated tax payment for 2016.
  • Partnerships should file Form 1065 and provide a copy of Schedule K-1 to all partners. File Form 7004 for an automatic 5-month extension.
  • Electing Large Partnerships are required to file Form 1065-B. For an automatic 6-month extension, file Form 7004.


Wednesday, June 15

If you are paying quarterly taxes, this is your second due date for 2016. The taxes you pay on this day will cover taxes for April, May and June.


Thursday, Sept. 15

If you are part of a partnership that filed with Form 1065 and you filed for a five-month tax return extension, this is your final day to file your tax return.

This is also the third quarterly tax due date. Fees paid on this day will cover taxes for July, August and September.


Monday, Oct. 17

If you filed for a six-month extension in April as a corporation using Form 1120 or 1120S, this is your final day to file your tax return.

January (2017)

Monday, Jan. 16

This is the fourth quarterly tax due date. Fees paid on this day will cover taxes for October, November and December 2016.

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